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Laser Cutting Service We Provide:

CDC Laser can offer you an up-to-date cutting service from our quality laser state of arc cutters. By using our quality laser cutting machines, we eliminate the need for machining edges on engineering jobs which will save you money on finishing costs.

Laser cut edges can be often described as a sealed shiny edge opposed to the router or saw edges which give a more rustic edge.

Our Laser Machines are more precise on cutting measurements and can generally cut to the millimetre in a job* subject to change.

Lasers can cut with ease; delicate or complex shapes and edging remains almost self-polished. We can cut thicknesses up to 12mm on the laser, however, anything thicker can be cut quite adequately on our CNC Router machinery.

Enjoy the advantages of having your custom-designed projects cut our from our Laser cutters and you will see the difference.

Our laser machines can cut wood, chipboard, cardboard acrylic, polypropylene, and other nonferrous materials

Unfortunately we do not laser cut any metals on our machines..

CDC Laser can assist in the design or cutting directly from CAD, EPS, Corel Draw, Illustrator and most PDF files. You can email them through to us directly, so we can give you a more accurate quote on your cutting costs.

We provide cutting services for Electricians, Switchboard manufacturers, Plumbers, Building Management, Data Network Installers and much more.

Here are some of our Laser Cutting Service works:

  1. Safety tags/Labels
  2. Custom lighting
  3. Nameplates
  4. Windows panels
  5. Pool fencing
  6. Sign Industry
  7. Custom Cut letters
  8. Custom cut acrylic shapes
  9. Lightboxes
  10. Shop Fittings

No job is too big or too small for our dedicated staff.

Please contact us for a discussion or quotation on any project you may be planning.

We do offer a cutting service to supplied acrylic, however, the acrylic needs to meet our terms and conditions of cutting.

It needs to be a notable brand acrylic that we will cut – any brands with no branding we will not cut.

Why ? – some brands don’t contain the full ingredients that are stated in an acrylic sheet – this is very toxic and harmful to us.

If you don’t know, give us a call and we can determine whether it is safe for us to cut for you or not -,

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