Road Marking Stencils

CDC Laser has been supplying STENCILS to the most reputable line marking businesses throughout WA over the last 7 years.

We mainly carry the range of Polypropylene (PP) Stencils that can handle harsh paint thinners and solvents for road making., which are compliant to Australian Standards.

You can simply purchase from our buying site of stock standard stencils or we can make specialized specific stencils to your requirements.

Depending on your requirements and what surface you are stencilling onto we offer stencils in the following:

  • Polyprop – the best most usable product from the road to box stencils – we offer .75mm /1mm/2mm/3mm thickness for stencils. This material is suitable for repeated use of stencils.
  • MDF – usually used for a one-off stencil, this is not something you would use repeatedly. Slightly cheaper for a one-time or special occasion use.
  • Acrylic – can be used if you are looking for a rigid stencil that you want to use.

When using a stencil here is a few tips that will help for your DIY stencilling:

  1. Position your placement of the stencil to keep in place some masking tape or REMOVABLE adhesive spray to the back of the stencil to make sure it doesn’t move.
  2. If using a spray can – then position your can about 30cm (rulers length) from the can to have a great overspray – too close can make your paint bleed and go under the lines.
  3. Remove carefully without smudging your stencil – you can wash this in warm soapy water to make use next time and eliminate unwanted paint blobs.

Should you be purchasing stencils for line marking in car parks, commercial buildings etc, we highly recommend that you use a reputable line marking painting business to carry out these types of jobs. Stencils we cut can be anywhere from A5 size upwards.

From a wall in a home to the grounds of an oval we can make your stencils.

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