Acrylic Cut To Size

Here at CDC Laser, we are proficient in cutting to size, all your acrylic needs.

With cutting acrylic we can cut your order using our state of the art cutting machines. We have a variety of professional machines that can execute the best cutting scenario for your acrylic cutting requirements.  Have a chat with us and let us know what your cutting requirements are, so we can offer the best cutting solution.

 Our machines include the following:

  • Saw Cut
  • Laser Cutting
  • CNC Router cutting

Acrylic commonly known as ‘perspex” is actually the name of the acrylic manufacturer, the material is acrylic. Don’t be fooled in paying an extra $$ for the famous brand name of acrylic. The acrylic brands that we sell, have an up to a 10-year guarantee for UV Resistance. Please note, different brands and colours will have different stipulations.  We use the best material sourced internationally, that is tried and tested as one of the leading acrylic manufacturers in the world.

We can cut all your flat sheets of acrylic, effectively and efficiently.

When cutting down your sheets to size there are some factors involved when doing this.

Depending on the machines we use, we sometimes require a bleed area or space in between each cut. This can be confusing at times as with different machines we cannot cut edge to edge where sometimes you will lose some material area. This is unavoidable, however, we meticulously measure your cutting requirements to the sheets potential and to minimise wastage.

We can sort out what machines are suitable for your cutting needs and work out which machine is best to cut your acrylic.

DIY Cutting

If you just want to take the full sheet and cut down yourself, you are welcome to do so.

Don’t be fooled that this material is easy to cut. You would need to be a bit savvy in the cutting materials department. Please note that using a jigsaw is probably the worst cutting tool to use.  It does say that you can use this type of cutting tool but will give you a terrible jiggered finish and you will be disappointed in the final result.

Leave the cutting to us.  We can execute the best cutting finish with attention to detail.

Our cutting fees are dependent on a few factors:

  • Thickness of material
  • Size of the cuts
  • Pricing is applicable to the type of tool we use to cut your items.

Rest assured we can make the right decision in what tools are best used for cutting.

Cutting Shapes

Yes, we can cut out shapes for you which involving of using a vector file to create the shape that you want to cut. If you want multiple shapes then we often will nest the shape to fit the greatest amount of pieces to the sheet, with minimum wastage.

If you have a shape in mind but do not have access to artwork design, we can do this for you.

Artwork fees do apply and are charged on an hourly or job rate. Please email your enquiries to