Custom Stencils

CDC Laser specialises in creating custom stencils in Perth. Our high-quality laser-cut stencils are tailored to a wide array of applications. Whether you’re looking to boost branding, add decorative touches, or improve safety messages, our stencils are designed to meet your specific needs.

Samples of Custom Stencils

Custom Designed

Durable Stencil Materials

Durable Material


As a reliable stencil maker, we offer a huge range of custom-made stencils for the following applications:

  • Line Marking
  • Road
  • Warehouse
  • Safety
  • Decorative
  • Custom
  • Logos
  • Branding

The custom laser cut stencils are a great way to label anything with paint quickly and without hassle. Laser cutting stencils provide precise, repeatable patterns.

How to Order Your Custom Laser Cut Stencils

Ordering your custom stencils from CDC Laser is easy and straightforward. Follow these simple steps to get your personalised stencils:

  1. Select the desired dimensions and material for your custom made stencil.
  2. Provide your design in a vector format (PDF, AI, or CDR). To create laser-cut stencils, we require a vector file to ensure the edges of the stencil are smooth.
  3. Check the design proof we send you and give your approval to proceed.
  4. Once approved, we’ll laser-cut your stencil and arrange for its delivery.
custom stencil sizes

Size Options

» Under A4 size

The smallest we offer is around A5 size (148 x 210mm), typically cut from 1mm material. For these smaller stencils, we recommend nothing too detailed for this size.

Additionally, we provide slimline stencils with a minimum height starting from 30mm. They’re great for various tools and trade applications.

We can go smaller than A5 but we really need to see what you want cut before we can proceed.

custom stencil size a5 - line art
A5 stencil size

» A4 to A3 size 

A very common size for making stencils for packaging, promoting and anything in between. We generally use a 1mm thick polyprop for this size.

custom stencil size a4 to a3 - brand hot sauce
A3 stencil size

» A2 or larger 

For stencil sizes larger than A2, we use a 2mm polypropylene. This is more rigid and great for concrete brick or wall surfaces. It’s designed for longer worn and repeated use.

Our largest single-piece stencil measures 2000 x 1000 mm. For anything larger, we can assemble multiple sheets to meet your specific size requirements. This can be cut using 2mm or 3mm poly depending on the application.

custom stencil size a2 - car
A2 stencil size

Should you need something hardier, we can also explore thicker poly and MDF if that suits application purposes. We can quote you on any size you want – do not hesitate to email us for your custom quote at

Material Options

» Polypropylene (0.75 mm or 1mm thick)

This is an inexpensive material that can be used for custom stencils marking the following:

  • Pallets and Crates
  • Ladders
  • Tool Boxes
  • Tools
  • Boxes for packaging
  • Small craft projects

Perfect for light-duty or temporary marking. When using this type of custom stencil, it is best to use it with spray paint or aerosol.

» Natural Polypropylene (2mm thick)

The 2mm polypropylene is the top choice for high-quality custom stencils for light to medium usage. It offers offering a balance between quality and cost.

This is what we would suggest for making any road or line marking stencils. For line marking, approved paints are preferred.

2mm is slightly cheaper than the 3mm thickness and will still be a quality product choice.

» Natural Polypropylene (3mm thick)

The 3mm natural polypropylene is the best choice when wanting good quality custom cut stencils that can be used multiple times. 

With its 3mm thickness, its rigidity is best for surfaces like bitumen, paving, and solid floor spaces. A good option for heavy-duty use.

» MDF (3mm or 6mm thick)

The 3mm or 6mm MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a great alternative for a cheaper one for any stencil project you may need.

This material has rigidity and can be used on ground surfaces but is not suitable for ongoing use.

To learn more about which type of material that perfect for your project, feel free to call us at (08) 9409 3834.

custom stencil oversize - brand unique venetian
oversize stencil size

Custom Text Stencils (A4 and A3 Sizes)

You have the freedom to craft your unique message. Ideal for those who need precise and clear text or number markings.

Our service allows you to input your desired text to create a stencil that meets your specific needs.

Custom Stencil Cost

To provide a pricing estimate for a custom stencil, we’ll need to consider the following attributes:

  • Design. Provide your own ready-to-use artwork or use our artwork services. Our custom design may include a one-off artwork fee, except for letters or numbers.
  • Material. Thicker materials typically cost more.
  • Size. Larger sizes may cost more due to increased material and production expenses.
  • Quantity. Bulk orders may be eligible for discounts.

For an accurate quote, provide details like material, thickness, size, quantity, and if artwork services are needed.


CDC Laser provides free delivery for basic stencils up to A4 size (210 x 297mm). shipping for larger sizes varies by size and destination.

We utilize Aramex and Australia Post for reliable delivery.

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Custom Made Stencils Near Me in Perth

Get a custom stencil made in Perth with precision and quality. We ensure your stencils are laser-cut with precision to match your specific needs.

Choose your preferred size and material, and let us handle the rest. Please note, all custom-made stencils are subject to a one-off artwork fee. 

Reach out today to start your custom stencil project.