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Acrylic Signage for Business Branding

Wanting your branding name or logo to stand out? Then, we can help with your businesses signage using custom acrylic signage.  At CDC Laser, we can be your one-stop signage supplier.

CDC Laser can help with a variety of material you may need cut to size or shape for indoor and outdoor shop signage.

Shop signage that we can help with can include the following:

  • A-Frames
  • Door Signs
  • Warehouse Signs
  • Safety signage
  • Tags for machinery and tools
  • Letterbox signs
  • Pre-cut letters and numbers for outside buildings or offices
  • Internal signage for counters or desks
  • Wall signage
  • Off the wall-mounted signage
  • Road signs – Corflute
  • Stencils and road marking for businesses

Materials that we can offer for your custom signage can include:

  • Acrylic
  • Aluminium Composite panels
  • MDF
  • Poly prop
  • Corflute
  • Vinyl stickers

We are equipped with our state of the art machines to make a variety of signage to cater to all spectrums of business.  We can also assist with a graphic designer for logo ideas. Our graphic designer is available on an hourly rate or job rate.

We can put together the whole branding and signage package for you.

Letters and Numbers

We can cut letters and numbers in acrylic, MDF, Aluminium composite amongst other materials.

We have a sister website that can assist you in purchases and quotes for any size, colour, font and thickness. Just jump onto that site to find out how much your acrylic letters will be. There is an onsite webshop so you can purchase them online. If you require anything else outside the sizes and materials offered, just drop us an email with your specifications and we are happy to supply you with a quote.

Please note for volume letters it would be best to get a written quote so we can remain competitive for your signage, especially if you are a signwriter and you don’t have access to machines and acrylic sheeting, we have supplied to many a signwriter in the past.

Other supplies for shop signage

Along with offering you the signage for your business branding we also offer supplies that you may need to accompany your sign.

Stands Offs

A high commercial grade of stand-off, which allows you to place your sign onto the wall and have the sign stand off the wall.  Stand-Offs come in a variety of finishes including, brushed silver, gold, black, metallic blue and more. We also have a variety of sizes that you can use depending on the size head you want and how far you want the sign to stand off the wall.

Glue/Adhesive Tapes

Not just any glue will work with acrylic signage. You need to make sure you have an acrylic safe bonding glue that will not perish the acrylic.  We sell tubes of these glue from our shopfront and come with a safety sheet for safe application.

Adhesive tapes, don’t be fooled by the cheap ones you see in your local handy store.  We only sell one brand that is proven to be hard bonding and will keep your signs up not down on the floor.
this double-sided adhesive tape is also great for an acrylic mirror, which can only have this type of tape when bonding to surfaces.

All products can be purchased at our shopfront in Local Wangara, Perth in WA.