Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Service at CDC Laser

CDC Laser uses state of the art Laser cutting machines to cut acrylic, MDF and other popular materials.

With over 15 years of experience with laser machines, we have chosen a high-quality machine that will cut your piece of the acrylic out perfectly.

Laser cutting is fast becoming a more sustainable way of cutting your acrylic materials as the laser machines do a more specialised service in cutting.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

With laser cutting, your cuts; especially on acrylic; are crisper and sealed cuts opposed to raw cut edges on a router or saw.

This then makes your cut piece a nicely sealed edge, so you don’t have to pay $$$ for a finishing service.

The laser machine cutting is very accurate and can be to the mm when cutting specific shapes. We can cut shapes out as small as a few mm to pieces as large as 1300 x 1300mm on our laser bed.  For larger cuts, we use our CNC Router.

Laser Cutting Machine at CDC Laser Perth

We have 2 fully operable laser cutting machines that can laser cut acrylic with attention to detail on the first cut. We also can cut out intricate patterns or shapes and custom orders for most industries and trades. Whether it is a shelf for your shopfront or safety tags and labels for your machinery, CDC Laser can cut. Other industries we can supply to:

  1. Electricians for switchboards, safety tags, safety shields we can cut polycarbonate for your heavy machinery shields.  We can also offer lighting diffusers or custom shape acrylic to use for lighting.
  2. Handyman, pool fencing, safety panels around pool areas and also covers for gables and roofing so rain and wind do come through we can offer different materials to suit. Including polycarbonate sheets for when you require some flexibility in your sheets.
  3. Carpenters, an alternative to roofing for gazebos and patios you can use acrylic sheet panels. Replacement for  windows for when you don’t want to use glass
  4. Signwriters or Shopfitters we can offer any acrylic cut to size or shape for your needs, We can cut letters, logos, light sign boxes at various sizes colours and thicknesses.
  5. Retail – point of sales,  risers, display stands and safety cases we can laser cut these projects to any specification.

Call us now for a quote on custom laser cut acrylic!

We are happy to quote you on 1 piece or 1000’s of pieces, please call us to discuss what it is you need on 08 9409 3834 or drop us an email with your plans of what you need to execute.