Custom Stencils

Custom Laser Cut Stencils

CDC Laser offer a huge range of custom made stencils for the following applications:

  • Line Marking
  • Road
  • Warehouse
  • Safety
  • Decorative
  • Custom
  • Logos
  • Branding

The custom laser cut stencils are a great way to label anything with paint quickly and without hassle.

To learn more about other uses of custom stencils, feel free to call us at (08) 9409 3834

.75 mm or 1mm Polypropylene

This is an inexpensive material that can be used for custom stencils marking of the following:

  • Pallets and Crates
  • Ladders
  • Tool Boxes
  • Tools
  • Boxes for packaging
  • Small craft projects

When using this type of custom stencils, it is best to be used with spray inks or aerosol.

Natural Polypropylene 2mm thick

2mm polypropylene is the number one choice when wanting to use high-quality custom stencils for light to medium usage. This is what we would suggest for any road or line marking stencils to be made and lines marking approved paints are preferred. 2mm is slightly cheaper to the 3mm thickness and will still be a quality product choice.

Natural Polypropylene 3mm thick

As mentioned above, the 3mm thick Natural Polypropylene is the best choice when wanting good quality custom stencils which can be used multiple times. With being 3mm thick it rigidity is best for surfaces like bitumen, paving and solid floor space.

MDF 3mm or 6MM

A great alternative for a cheaper one for any stencil project you may need. This material has rigidity and can be used on ground surfaces but not suitable for ongoing use.

To learn more about which type of material that perfect for your project, feel free to call us at (08) 9409 3834

All custom made stencils will require a one-off artwork fee unless it is purely letters or numbers.

We can do custom laser cut stencils for you as small as A5 size or a bit smaller.

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