Individual Number Set 0-9 Stencils

Number Stencils Set (0-9)


Individual Number Set 0-9


Our Individual Number Set 0-9 Stencils are perfect for marking numbers with precision and clarity. Each stencil features a text height of 300mm, allowing for easy visibility. The stencils have a small bleed around the text, enabling you to position numbers next to each other seamlessly.

Crafted from high-quality 2mm Polyprop material, these stencils ensure durability and longevity. Whether you need to mark addresses, signs, or any other numerical information, our Individual Number Set 0-9 Stencils are a reliable choice.

We also offer the flexibility of custom-sized stencils. If you have specific requirements, please email us at, and our team will assist you in creating the perfect stencil for your needs.

Efficiently mark numbers and enhance your projects with our customizable and high-quality Individual Number Set 0-9 Stencils. Order online now from CDC Laser Perth!

Key Features:

  • Text Height: 300mm
  • Material: 2mm Polyprop