Acrylic Letters

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Acrylic letters and numbers are perfect for banners or signage. Branding is just as important as profits – since it is the first impression you provide to your customers. The first step in establishing your brand anywhere outside of your company is to use intriguing signage.

Our acrylic lettering is portable and durable. They can be used both indoors and outside. Additionally, it can nearly fit any project because of its tremendous flexibility.

Acrylic letters are an excellent option for displaying corporate lettering and logos. Our acrylic letters are laser cut with polished edges, easy to instal, and available in a variety of colours and thicknesses.

Uses of Acrylic Letters

These letters can be used to spell out any business name or saying, and they are an incredibly simple way to create a subtle yet eye-catching sign for your company. They can be installed internally or externally and come in a variety of colour and finish options. Acrylic letters are used for:

  • Word Walls
    Here’s a great way to add some inspiration to your workplace. Motivational quotes can be found on the painted acrylic word wall shown below.
    acrylic letters
  • Lobby & Logo Signs
    Acrylic letters and brand marks are ideal for use in lobbies or entryways. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor signage.
  • Displays of Architecture
    Acrylic letters are always a nice addition to custom architectural displays, which are made up of a variety of signage elements and hardware.

Dimensional acrylic letters, as you can see, add impact and beauty to a variety of displays and signs. If you need to decorate a wall, you should think about using it. We have a talented and experienced team that would love to assist you in making your ideas a reality!

Benefits of Using Acrylic Letters

The versatility of acrylic signs is perhaps the most important advantage, closely followed by their durability. Acrylic office signs, for example, can be used both inside and outside the building to give a company a unified and professional appearance. Furthermore, an acrylic shop sign will typically last longer than signs made of other materials, so they represent a long-term investment rather than installing an inferior plastic signboard and then having to replace it within a year.

Acrylic signs also have the following advantages:

  1. They can be completely customised
  2. Almost limitless lighting options
  3. They are very light
  4. They are simple to set up
  5. They appear professional and appealing

In the end, businesses will find acrylic to be a useful signage material for everything from office door plaques to water-resistant outdoor signs.

Create Your Custom Sign

Custom laser-cut acrylic letters come in a variety of sizes, colours, fabrics, and forms that may meet all of your advertising and event demands. Your best option is CDC Laser’s 3D acrylic letters. Our premium letters include laser-cut borders that give them a clean, shiny appearance.

Our sturdy yet lightweight letters are of the highest calibre. They won’t deteriorate, break, or chip.

Note: Not only in Perth, but we can also ship across Australia.

To get your project started, call us at (08) 9409 3834 or contact us. We are excited to collaborate with you!