Acrylic Letters

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First impressions matter a lot, especially for your business. That’s where our acrylic letters come in. They’re great for signs, both inside and outside, and fit almost any project.

Our acrylic letters are laser cut with precision and have smooth edges. They look neat, are easy to put up and come in many colours and thicknesses. They’re perfect for making your place or business stand out.

How to Order Your Acrylic Letters

Getting your acrylic cut letters in Perth is easy. Just start by clicking the thickness options above. Choose how thick you want your letters (3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, or 10mm).

From there, you’ll be taken to further custom options like letter height, font style, case style, colour, and lettering. Once they’re cut and ready, we’ll send them to your place, ready to be displayed.

Our Range of Acrylic Alphabet Letters

Covers every letter from A to Z, our acrylic alphabet letters come in all the sizes, colours, and case styles you could want. Whether it’s for your business or your home, you’ll find just what you need.

Pick from small to large letters to fit your sign perfectly. Choose from a wide selection of colours, or ask us to match a specific shade you’re looking for.

Go for an uppercase look or a lowercase style. Plus, we’ve got a bunch of fonts to make your message stand out. Whatever your vision, we’re here to make it happen with letters that are just right for you.

Acrylic Letters Usage

  • Word Walls. Add some inspiration to your office with motivational quotes on acrylic letters for wall.
  • Lobby Signs. Welcome visitors with your brand’s name in the lobby or at the entrance. Acrylic signage letters can be used for both indoor and for outdoor signs.
  • Architectural Displays. Make your signs pop with acrylic lettering that add depth and style. Acrylic letters are a simple way to make your business or space look better.

Benefits of Acrylic Letters

Acrylic letters are both practical and stylish for any setting. Here’s why they’re an excellent choice:

  • Complete Alphabet Range: You can spell out anything from names to messages with ease.
  • Long-lasting: They are durable and can stay looking good for years, inside or outside.
  • Customisable: You choose the colour and style to match your look.
  • Lightweight: Easy to set up wherever you want them.
  • Size Variety: Small acrylic letters and large acrylic letters are all available for any signage size.
  • Look Professional: They make your space look neat and smart.

These benefits show that laser cut acrylic letters are the way to go for making a statement that lasts

Custom Acrylic Letters

Make your sign your way with our custom acrylic letters. Choose the size, colour, and font style that fits your needs. Our 3D acrylic letters are made well, so they last long and keep looking good.

Get Started

Ready to make your acrylic sign lettering? Choose the size options above and start customise your order. If you need any help, call us at (08) 9409 3834. CDC Laser Perth are here to help bring your ideas to life.