Laser Engraving Services

From one-offs to thousands-offs, we can offer you a great price on laser engraving services. Our laser machines are in tune to deliver the best quality laser engraving in the state of WA.

We laser engrave on flat surfaces only, providing you with a beautiful finish every time.

Some surfaces that we can engrave onto are:

Hardwoods, MDF and Ply

Acrylic sheeting

Speciality Engraving products

Laser engraving onto acrylic traditionally will give your engraved surface a white engraved area.  This looks best on clear acrylic with the white engraved areas.

We can also engrave onto 2 tone acrylic materials which will give you a coloured surface with a black or white engraved area; this is commonly used in point of sales, plaques and door signage.

Some helpful information about vectors and rasters

vector image is colour coded (in RGB) for different engraving intensities. For example, if I wanted an outline to be a deep engraving I could colour it Black (R:0 G:0 B:0) and set the laser at 100% power and 50% speed for everything black. Then I could colour the image inside the border Green (R:0 G:255 B:0) and set the laser at 80% power and 80% speed for everything Green. This allows us to have wonderful variation within the image and made a feature of specific parts of the engraving.

raster image is engraved as “colour darkness” = “laser intensity”. For example, if I had a picture of a black ball on a white table, the black ball will be engraved at a high laser power and the white table will be engraved at a low power. The entire image will be engraved that the same speed, it’s just the power of the laser that is adjusted as it runs over the different colour intensities.

When sending through files for us to engrave here are some helpful hints to get us the files correctly.

Black lines for cutting

Red Lines for engraving

When emailing us your drawing files we would like them in the following format

AI flile


PDF or DXF file as we use CorelDraw, these are the files we need you to email us.

If you cannot provide the files then we are happy to have our in house graphic designer draw these up for you. You will be quoted for the job and an hourly rate.

Please email your requests to Nicole@cdclaser.com or you can call us to enquire on 08 9409 3834. We are located in the northern suburbs of WANGARA.