A4 2mm Opal Acrylic Sheet (OPA001)


A4 2mm Opal Acrylic Sheet

Quantity Price
1 - 10 $5.00
11+ $4.00

Add a touch of elegance to your creative endeavours with our Acrylic Sheet 2mm A4 in Opal. This semi-translucent sheet combines a soft, diffused appearance with the durability of acrylic, making it perfect for crafting:
– Stylish lampshades
– Signage with a subtle glow
– Privacy screens
The 2mm thickness provides structural integrity while allowing for easy cutting and shaping. With the Opal Acrylic Sheet, you can achieve a delicate, frosted effect that transforms any project into a work of art.
Elevate your designs with this versatile material that beautifully diffuses light and sets the mood.