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At CDC we can quote you a job within 24 hrs! It is as simple as filling out our Get a Quote form

We will advise of pricing and availability of the products you require.
You can order part of a sheet, a full sheet or small pieces cut to custom sizes.
Colours are based on availability at time of order.
If you are after a full range of colours then most colours are available in 3mm.

Here is a guide for colours and thicknesses available:

  • 1.5mm -Clear only
  • 2mm – White, Clear, Black, Opal ONLY
  • 3mm – Comprehensive range of colours see below plus
  • 4.5mm – white, Black, Clear, Opal, limited red and blue range
  • 6mm – white, Black, Clear, Opal
  • 8mm – Clear and Opal only
  • 10mm – Clear, Black, white, Opal only
  • 12mm – Clear, Opal only
  • 15-25mm please call for limed colours – BLACK<WHITE<CLEAR OPAL

When placing a quote there are a few questions, we will ask:

  1. Size
  2. Thickness
  3. Colour
  4. Quantity

We may even ask a few questions like what your purpose for the acrylic is. The reason why is we want to offer you the most suitable product for your application or project.

Sometimes consumers can get confused with what acrylic is called – plexiglass, plastic etc,

In fact, we sell an array of acrylic sheeting products, so we want to make sure we are quoting you on the right product for the right type application.

Acrylic – used for a most array of glass replacements. This product is stronger than glass and is harder to break and can be used for home improvements, hobbies, window replacement, double glazing and much more.

Polycarbonate – Characteristically used for stronger applications when there could be high winds, blunt forces to obstruct, and such as, vehicle windows, boat windows, backboards for basketballs, windows that may have a high frequency of vandalism.

All our quotes generally last for 7- 14 days, we need to requote once the quote is over that time frame.

We can revisit quotes, but pricing can vary due to shipment to shipment of products.

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