A3 3mm Dark Blue Acrylic Sheet (BLU327)


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1 $11.00
2+ $10.00

Elevate your creativity with our A3 3mm Dark Blue Acrylic Sheet:
– Dive into the depths of artistic expression with the rich and profound tones of dark blue acrylic.
– Arrives protected by dual-sided masking, ensuring impeccable clarity and colour upon arrival.
– Experience the perfect harmony of intense aesthetics and enduring strength in your creations.
– Crafted from lightweight materials (SG 1.19), it offers both visual appeal and ease of use.
– Resistant to chemicals and impacts, making it suitable for a range of creative applications.
– Shape, carve, or engrave this sheet effortlessly to bring your imaginative ideas to life.
– Infuse your designs with the captivating allure of dark blue hues and embark on a journey of creative discovery.