A3 3mm White Acrylic Sheet (AN402)


Quantity Price
1 $11.00
2+ $10.00

Experience a clean canvas for your creativity with our A3 3mm White Acrylic Sheet:
– Shielded by protective paper masking on both sides, ensuring a flawless surface when you’re ready to begin.
– Immerse yourself in the exceptional optical clarity and lasting durability this sheet offers to your projects.
– Weighing only half as much as glass (SG 1.19), it’s easy to handle while adding a touch of elegance.
– Resistant to chemicals and impacts, surpassing the capabilities of traditional glass for enhanced project safety.
– From cutting and drilling to routing and cementing, this sheet is a versatile option for various fabrication techniques.
– Ideal for both crafting and shaping, it empowers your imagination and lets your ideas come to life.
– Crafted using cell cast technology to minimise shrinkage, ensuring your projects maintain their integrity over time.
Upgrade your projects with the timeless quality and versatility of our white acrylic sheet.