A3 3mm Black Gloss Acrylic Sheet (GLAN502)


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1 $11.00
2+ $10.00

Introducing our Acrylic Sheet A3 3mm Black Gloss:

  • Equipped with double-sided paper masking in either brown or white, offering protection against minor scratches. Simply peel it off for impeccable clarity.
  • This cast acrylic sheet boasts unparalleled optical clarity and remarkable durability, ensuring a professional finish for your projects.
  • Despite its luxurious appearance, it’s incredibly lightweight (specific gravity 1.19) compared to traditional glass.
  • Resistant to inorganic chemicals, though it’s advisable to exercise caution with organic solvents.
  • With 8 to 10 times the impact resistance of plate glass, it’s a reliable choice for high-stress applications.
  • Whether it’s cutting, drilling, routing, or polishing, this sheet can be effortlessly fabricated to meet your specifications.
  • Thanks to its thermoformable properties, it can be shaped to fit your unique needs while minimising shrinkage, unlike extruded alternatives.

Elevate the quality and sophistication of your projects with the reliability of our black gloss acrylic sheet.