A3 3mm Orange Acrylic Sheet (ORA266)


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1 $11.00
2+ $10.00

Energise your artistic pursuits with the Acrylic Sheet A3 3mm Orange. Sized at 29.7cm by 42cm, this sheet radiates a warm and invigorating orange hue.

The 3mm thickness guarantees a sturdy foundation for your creative ideas. Whether you’re crafting bold and eye-catching decor, designing attention-commanding signage, or constructing imaginative 3D models, this sheet’s vibrant orange tone adds a touch of playfulness and vitality to your projects.

Revitalise your creative journey with this array of Acrylic Sheet A3 Size 3mm Orange, each offering a unique colour and aesthetic to your projects. From serene blues to fiery reds, these sheets empower your imagination and transform your ideas into tangible works of art.