A3 3mm Black Matt Acrylic Sheet (MATBL502ST)


Quantity Price
1 $15.00
2+ $14.00

Introducing our A3 3mm Black Matt Acrylic Sheet:
– Equipped with double-sided paper masking in either brown or white, protecting its sleek finish until you’re ready to use it.
– Experience the exceptional optical clarity and lasting durability that this sheet brings to your creative projects.
– Weighing just half of the traditional glass (SG 1.19), it’s easy to work with while maintaining a stylish matte appearance.
– Resistant to chemicals and impacts, it surpasses the capabilities of glass for enhanced project safety.
– Whether it’s cutting, drilling, routing, or cementing, this sheet offers versatility in various fabrication techniques.
– Perfect for crafting and shaping, it empowers your artistic endeavours and encourages innovative designs.
– Crafted through cell casting to minimise shrinkage, ensuring your projects remain true to your vision over time.
Elevate your projects with the modern elegance and reliability of our black matte acrylic sheet.