A3 3mm Egg Yolk Yellow Acrylic Sheet (YELL478)


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1 $12.00
2+ $11.00

Unleash your creativity with our Acrylic Sheet A3 3mm Egg Yolk Yellow:

  • Safeguarded by protective paper masking on both sides, preserving its flawless surface until you’re ready to reveal it.
  • Embrace the remarkable optical clarity and durability that this sheet lends to your artistic endeavours.
  • Weighing just half of the traditional glass (SG 1.19), it’s easy to work with while adding a burst of colour.
  • Resilient against chemicals and impacts, outperforming standard glass for enhanced project safety.
  • From cutting and drilling to routing and cementing, this sheet accommodates various fabrication techniques.
  • Perfect for crafting and shaping, it empowers you to bring your unique visions to life.
  • Utilising cell cast technology for minimal shrinkage, ensures your projects maintain their intended dimensions.

Elevate your creations with the vibrant and reliable egg yolk yellow acrylic sheet that’s designed to inspire.