Other Plastics

So amongst the traditionally know acrylics and polycarbonates, there are also other plastics that we can supply and cut as well.  This page is dedicated to those products.

Brand Names – below are brand names of acrylic, whilst we try to stock all brands we supply the best value for money brands but can source brand names if you prefer.


Perspex is a UK brand of acrylic, CDC stocks a wide range of various Acrylics, not Perspex® brand.


ASTARIGLAS® GP cast acrylic sheets are made from 100% virgin MMA (methyl methacrylate monomer) ensuring that the highest quality product is achieved ensuring excellent clarity, weather ability and high strength.

ASTARIGLAS® GP offers excellent optical characteristics, light stability and low internal stress levels for consistent performance and is available in a wide range of standard sizes and thicknesses, in colours and tints.


TESSEMATT® SATIN CAST ACRYLIC SHEET is a durable acrylic satin sheet in a unique range of vivid colours suitable for indoor and outdoor use and provides architects with design freedom enabling imaginary concepts to be realised.


With its versatility, durability and sheer beauty, PLEXIGLAS® is revolutionising design and function, being used in new and innovative ways in the architectural, commercial, signage, and infrastructure and transport industries alike.  Again this is a brand name for acrylic and we can source this product in for you.


This material is often used in commercial light fittings and skylights for home or office.

Prismatic offers excellent efficacy of indirect glare control whilst maintaining a great level of visual comfort for larger areas. The material comes in 2 patterns, one with the prisms being slightly larger and thicker material.

PVC Brands

Palight® PVC Foamed sheets.

The best quality of this product is it is lightweight, durable and flexible.  You can print directly onto this material.  Available in White and Black the sheets come in various thickness and sizes. Please call us to find out what we have in stock for you to purchase. Call us on 089409 3834

What makes this product perfect is it is nontoxic, can be used for insulation and wall cladding along with it being self-extinguishing and has low water absorption. The surface is smooth and the white is a bright not dull colour in the finish.


NuFoam is a co-extruded closed-cell, unplasticised PVC foam with a dazzling, brighter and whiter surface making the product extremely versatile.


Consisting of a very lightweight core and solid outside surfaces Integral Foam PVC has a low specific density. It has very high flexural strength with outstanding chemical resistance and is UV stabilised. Integral Foam offers good sound and thermal insulation. Ex-Cel Integral can be easily cut, drilled and printed upon.


Playground Board – this is the material you see in most children’s playground. Equipment and climbing accessories are made from this robust material. This material is the best for all outdoor environments.

A preferred product over wood, this product comes in a variety of bright colours, unlike wood, it won’t need to be painted every season, along with being suited for outdoors with it UV Stabilizer component in the material.  Very hard to vandalise this product is the first choice in the fabrication of play gear.

The colour chart is available upon request and can also be utilised for the following applications:

Product Applications

Signs • Graffiti resistant • Benches • Resists scratches • Street furniture • Tables • Shelves • Displays

  • Council signage


Vipet® PETG sheet is for vacuum forming process, which is used for point of sale parts due to not having to pre-dry the material.  Vipet® PETG has the ability to reposition and reform, and the ability to down gauge some individual parts to due to higher impact strength than that of PMMA. At CDC we can offer you the sheets for sale, but we do not do any type of form.


Poly prop as it is commonly known as a flexible, rugged thermoplastic used for a wide variety of applications.  We use this product in our stencil fabrication only.

It has exceptional resistance to chemicals, including acids and solvents. This will make polypropylene difficult to glue. Therefore this product is best suited to specific applications

such as stencils, moulding for containers, homewares and automotive parts.

At CDC this is the preferred product we use in creating stencil and line marking stencils for our clients.  It comes in 1/2/3/4mm thickness and is usually a natural white colour, it is not transparent.