Pink Acrylic Sheet

A3 3mm Pink Acrylic Sheet (SAS) #4615


Envelop your creations in the radiant glow of our A3 Acrylic Sheet in a luscious Pink hue. Measuring 297 x 420 mm, this sheet beckons with its captivating colour, inspiring you to craft artwork that exudes warmth and emotion.

With a sturdy 3mm thickness, it’s a canvas for your imagination that offers both durability and workability. Key features:

  • Luscious Pink shade for an expressive touch
  • 3mm thickness balances resilience and flexibility
  • Perfect size for versatile artistic projects
  • Elevate your crafts, paintings, and DIY projects
  • Stand out with captivating Pink aesthetics

From evocative paintings to expressive DIY projects, the A3 Acrylic Sheet 3mm Pink enhances every creation with its alluring Pink tone. Immerse yourself in the world of artistry and make your works stand out with the vibrant charm of this Pink acrylic sheet.