A3 4.5mm Black Gloss Acrylic Sheet (GLAN502)


Unleash creativity with our A3 4.5mm Black Gloss Acrylic Sheet:
– Immerse your projects in the sleek allure of black gloss with this 4.5mm acrylic sheet.
– Expertly protected by dual-sided masking, it arrives with a pristine, glossy surface.
– Discover the perfect blend of chic aesthetics and unwavering durability in your artistic pursuits.
– Crafted from lightweight materials (SG 1.19), it ensures effortless handling and installation.
– Highly resistant to chemicals and impacts, making it an ideal choice for diverse creative ventures.
– Shape, cut, or engrave this sheet seamlessly to bring your precise artistic visions to fruition.
– Infuse your designs with the captivating sophistication of black gloss tones and watch your imagination thrive.