A2 3mm Red Tint Acrylic Sheet (REDTNT101)


Quantity Price
1 $30.00
2+ $20.00

Introducing our A2 Acrylic Sheet 3mm Dark Red Tint – a fusion of elegance and depth that’s sure to captivate. Measuring 420 x 594 mm, this sheet offers an expansive canvas for your artistic endeavours.

The rich and intense dark red tint adds a layer of intrigue to your designs, making them stand out in any setting. With a thickness of 3mm, this sheet strikes a balance between durability and versatility, making it ideal for applications like:

  • Mood-setting ambient lighting
  • Statement signage
  • Crafting unique jewellery pieces

Let your imagination run wild as you harness the evocative power of this dark red tint acrylic sheet.