A3 3mm Cool Grey Acrylic Sheet (MATGREYBS12)


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1 $30.00
2+ $28.00

Unleash creativity with our A3 3mm Cool Grey Acrylic Sheet:
– Elevate your projects with the cool and contemporary charm of this grey shade, adding a modern twist to your creations.
– Protected by masking on both sides, ensuring the cool grey surface arrives pristine and ready for your touch.
– Experience the harmonious blend of optical clarity and unwavering durability, enhancing your artistic endeavours.
– Crafted from lightweight materials (SG 1.19), it embodies modern aesthetics without the weight of traditional options.
– Resistant to chemicals and impacts, making it versatile for a wide spectrum of creative applications.
– Shape, cut, drill, route, or polish effortlessly to realise your unique artistic vision.
– Infuse your designs with the contemporary chic of cool grey and elevate the style of your projects.