A3 3mm Pink Glitter Acrylic Sheet (GLPNK001)


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1 $20.00
2+ $19.00

Elevate your projects with a touch of sparkle using our A3 3mm Pink Glitter Acrylic Sheet. Safeguarded by protective paper masking, it arrives in impeccable condition, ready to infuse your creations with enchantment.
Crafted from high-quality cast acrylic, it offers a harmonious blend of clarity and sturdiness. Cutting, shaping, or drilling is a breeze, enabling you to realise your artistic visions effortlessly.
With a specific gravity of 1.19, it surpasses traditional glass in both lightness and resilience. Its exceptional chemical resistance and remarkable impact resistance ensure your projects retain their allure over time.
Add a dash of pink glitter to your creative endeavours today.