A3 3mm Mocha Acrylic Sheet (MATMOCACH12)


Introducing our A3 3mm Mocha Acrylic Sheet:
– Ignite your creativity with the warm and rich mocha tones of this acrylic sheet, designed to inspire.
– Protected by dual-sided masking, it arrives in flawless condition, ready for your artistic genius.
– Experience the fusion of captivating visual appeal and unmatched resilience in all your creations.
– Crafted from lightweight materials (SG 1.19), it seamlessly balances aesthetics and practicality.
– Highly resistant to chemicals and impacts, making it an ideal choice for diverse projects.
– Effortlessly shape, cut, or engrave this sheet to match your precise creative requirements.
– Infuse your designs with the comforting richness of mocha hues and watch your imagination thrive.